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Medical Tattoo


Similar to other forms of tattoo methods, a medical tattoo process incorporates pigment driven into the skin by a rapidly oscillating tattoo needle(s). The body takes in the pigment permanently, resulting in a lasting waterproof effect. The process is  advantageous for those who are wanting to avoid further scarring, a simple process and customization with color and size. The maintenance for most medical tattoo services at is every 2 -5 years as the pigment may fade overtime. This is dependent on individual factors. A consultation is complimentary and required for our paramedical services. We take pride in our referrals given to us by Doctors, nurses and medical associates in regions of Alberta and throughout Canada. We genuinely want to serve you through our artistic abilities and help you to have renewed confidence.

Alopecia, Trichotillomania & Clinical Pattern Baldness

The appearance of patients suffering from the condition Alopecia Areata/ Universalis, trichotillomania or clinical pattern baldness can be significantly improved with permanent paramedical re - pigmentation using the cosmetic tattooing process. All having an emotional and physical effect and we are here to make a difference for you.

Women, men and also children benefit from Medical cosmetic tattoo services. . The improvement to the appearance of your beautiful features can be reviving emotionally and physically.

Vitiligo Skin Re - pigmentation 

Skin re-pigmentation & restoration treats areas where color loss is present due to Vitiligo or Hyper/hypo pigmentation. It is recommended only for areas that are small and highly prominent such as the face or chest that cause extreme self-consciousness and all other methods for covering or re-coloring have been explored. This condition tends to be more prominent on darker skin individuals but any customized colors can be designed to match the surrounding in-tact skin tone when implanted in the white areas to re-color and blend.

This is often a multi-procedure process consisting of an average of 2-4 treatments 6 weeks apart and will have to be re-colored every 1-3 years. Melanin loss in the skin or camouflaging scars is can take less sessions. However, there are some limitations. If it is Vitiligo it is not advisable to re-color large areas of the skin, or if a condition is unstable, still changing or not in remission.

Cleft Lip Palette - the smiling solution

Cosmetic medical tattooing for this area turns out to be such a beautiful enhancement visually and in turn the returning benefits are confidence both mentally and physically. Surgical scars, lip shape and color can all be redefined or camouflaged.  Colors can be that of natural tones, flesh tones for scars, or hair follicle mimicking for above the upper lip in men. Both men, women and children can begin to feel uplifted with this treatment.

A complimentary consultation will determine your goal as we listen and go through the options. Topical or injection form anesthetics are both optional to maintain comfort. The appointment timeframe can range from 1 hour to 2 hours dependent on the individual requirement and can last up to 3 years before a a refresh is required.  No more reapplying lip liner or lip stick over and over again to maintain your your lip shape and cover the scars.  

Skin & Scar Camouflage

Surgeries, burns & other bodily injuries can be camouflaged by micropigmentation and a certified technician specializing in this specific technique.  The ability to break up the scar tissue and color it to blend in to match your natural skin tone is a visual and internal relief for those who have obvious skin imperfections. Treatment for surgical scars, injury scars, hair transplant scars are some of the few that can be treated in this manner. The visually discreet allusion for areas that were once obvious is our goal.