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Areola Tattoo


3D Areola & Nipple Re - Pigmentation

 This cosmetic tattoo technique is an alternative method to providing you with peace of mind and confidence surrounding this region of the body. This intimate area can be restored, reshaped and balanced to create a realistic areola and nipple. Men and women can both benefit. If you are looking to achieve a darker areola as yours may be lighter in color or disguise scars caused by any type of breast surgery procedure, the results can be an artistic beautiful illusion. Visually, aesthetically and emotionally pleasing, Areola reconstruction provides a realistic natural looking solution. 

Beneficial to those who need a complete restoration of an areola plus nipple simulation or Partial re - pigmentation.

A 3 dimensional appearance to visually seem natural for one ( Unilateral ) or both ( Bilateral ) areolas. 

Re-pigmentation and/or Scar camouflage

Some areas can be filled in with darker or lighter pigments of color to allude symmetry, consistency and/or a larger or sometimes smaller areola. This can be achieved through re-pigmentation and scar camouflage. 



The consultation is first and almost always a prerequisite for our team and is very important for you. All our clients are treated with understanding and sensitivity and we take this time to get to know you, discuss your medical history and understand exactly what you are looking to achieve. As we listen to you, we will begin to advise you on what we may recommend. Together, we will establish suitability for the treatment. Our medical grade hypoallergenic mineral cosmetic pigments we be used to compliment your skin tone, Areola & Nipple coloring and all other natural features. Any questions you may have may be answered at the consultation. 


All our services are performed in a private setting.  We use sterile microprobes along with our professional grade micro pigmentation machine. The probes used, penetrate into the second layer of the skin ( dermis layer ) depositing the cosmetic pigments chosen. Our medical grade topical anesthetic will keep you comfortable but because we are implementing into the skin you may feel a sensation similar to plucking your eyebrows. The process normally takes about 2 - 3  but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements and service technique performed. Immediately after your treatment you should expect the area to look 50% darker than the color you have chosen in consultation. This will start to fade after 7-10 days.

We will provide a breathable covering for the area being treated. 


A second appointment is required 6 to 12 weeks after your initial treatment. This is usually a 1 hour appointment to add more pigment if needed to the treated area. This is because as the area is healing, some parts may not “hold” as well as others and during this time we can look at the area and add what we need. It is completely normal as everyone heals differently and scar tissue effects the retention of pigment.  It is required to always return for your retouch so we can complete your treatment, a second retouch may be needed due to scar tissue formation being present and other factors. 


Consultation :30 min included
Treatment duration: from 2 - 3 hours each session
Unilateral ( one )  
Bilateral:( two ) 
( 2 sessions included )
Prices by consultation only
All medical tattoo treatments are preformed by Master micropigmentation specialist Elisha Palma
RETOUCH first retouch is included in price above for first time treatments 2-3 months after. 
REFRESH: 1-5 years after