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Scalp Micropigmentation




The modern solution for hair restoration.

 Hair loss is devastating for both male and female.  It affects how you feel about your outer appearance and can put a hinder on your self confidence.  Whether you are experiencing slight hair thinning, a type of pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia or have scars on the scalp, or bearded area.  The scalpillusion technique is by far the best option.

The enhancement consists of the ability to mimic hair follicles or hair fibers.  Specific pigments are implanted into the scalp or other needed areas with sterile micro needles.  The cosmetic paramedical tattoo is for thinning areas or camouflaging for scars where there was once hair. The technique gives the illusion that the follicles are present.  

Less messing around with temporary fixes such as messy hair fiber dust only to leave  your scalp feeling sticky and dirty constantly.

The Scalpillusion technique allows you to put it all in the past and walk in confidence again, permanently.

Warning: Look years younger instantly!