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Elisha boasts an array of expertise derived from a background of over 15 years in the beauty industry.  Specializing in the latest techniques in microblading, permanent makeup and medical tattooing complimented by the endorsement of plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  The master specialist holds over 10 certifications within the industry some including aesthetics, makeup artistry and business management.  She has studied color theory specific to the micropigmentation process having participated in advanced classes provided by some of the most highly regarded technicians out of Asia, United States and Europe as well as the American Academy of micropigmentation founded by Dr. Linda Dixon and Dr. Charles S. Zwerling. Internationally recognized for dedication to learning, best practices, latest techniques, setting the highest standards within the industry. 

Elisha is an advocate for continued education and developing new skills.  She is a mentor and instructor in micropigmentation. 



"Learning is the key to building confidence and developing your life's purpose."



 Message from Elisha


We are dedicated to giving our clients the most flattering and highest quality cosmetic tattoo applications. We understand how personal our procedures can be and we take what we do very seriously.  What I look forward to each day is having my clients smile with confidence after their treatment.  That is my true passion. Achieving a natural look is the ultimate goal and we genuinely want to make a difference in others lives through our work. Receiving referrals from Doctors, Nurses, and industry colleagues proves strong dedication to quality work and high integrity practices. 

Looking and feeling your best is an integral part of how you approach life and I believe that our services and education really do help my clients feel great and walk in confidence! I look forward to meeting each and every client.