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Eyeillusion liners & lashlineillusion treatments

I wear contact lenses do I need to remove them for the treatment?
    Yes. If you are able to wear your eyeglasses for your appointment this will be beneficial in decreasing any irritations to the eye.
      Will I need to remove my eye makeup?
      A.Yes. All eye make up should be removed for your initial treatment. No waterproof mascara as this may cause the eyes to become irritated and sensitive.  However, at your consultation you may wear your usual eyemake up so we can understand your eye makeup style.
      I am currently using Latisse and/or had my eyelashes is tinted/permed or have eyelash extensions on. Can I still have permanent eye makeup?
        Yes. Latisse should be not be used one week prior to treatment and two weeks after treatment and the same for tinting /perming or any enhancement to the eyes. It is preferred to have the eyelash extensions removed prior to this treatment. You may re- apply eyelash extensions 7-10 days after treatment.
          Do I bring my favorite eyeliner to my appointment?
            Sure. If you are looking to achieve a specific tone this will enable the dermillusionist to color match your preference.
              Will my eyes swell?
                Swelling will occur but minimally. This usually occurs for a period of 2 days, similar to the look that you have been crying. Cold presses will minimize this.
                  Can I drive after this treatment?
                    After any eyelineillusion or lashlineillusion treatment having someone drive you home is best. Your eyes may be watery, or dry afterwards and bring your sunglasses as your eye maybe slightly sensitive to light.

                    AFTER THE TREATMENT

                    common questions

                    What should I expect the treated area to look like?
                      Expect all areas that are treated to be extensively darker in color and slightly bigger immediately after the initial treatment.
                        Do I need to follow any after care steps while healing?
                          At dermillusion we provide you with aftercare instruction and illusion balm to care for the area. It is a simple regime and not time consuming.  
                              How quickly will it heal?
                              A general guide is 2 weeks time. the skin surface heals between 3-7 day and below the surface can take up to 2 weeks as everyone is different.
                                Should I take time off of work?
                                  No not necessarily unless you prefer to do so.  Most go back to work immediately after treatments.

                                  Can I wear make up?
                                    Traditional cosmetics are not recommended on the area at all during healing. You may wear mineral cosmetics but avoid the treated area for at least 2 days.
                                      Can I have plastic surgery or anti aging enhancements after PMU?
                                        This is dependant on the area of choice and your physician's advice as some of these treatments may alter the shape of your lips, brows or eyes.
                                          Can I have an MRI scan?
                                            Yes. you have to inform your practitioner prior to the scan as they need to be made aware.
                                              Do I need to avoid specific things after treatment?
                                                For best end results, we advise not applying makeup to the treated area for at least 3-5 days. Exposing  the area to extreme heat or steam, extreme cold and application of petroleum based ointments or creams. We will supply you with aftercare instruction to take home.  
                                                  Can I go on a vacation following treatment?
                                                    It is advised that a sun holiday immediately holiday should take place approximately 5 weeks after your touch up. Sun exposure, salt water and perspiration surrounding the area can affect the final result. please advise your dermillusionist during your consultation of your plans and we will best accommodate you.