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Give back the Wow to your Brow


Our eyebrow services save you time, money and the annoyance of shaping and filling them in each day!  Taking your time to shape and fill them in with all sorts of make up products only to have to have them smear or smudge off.  We all know the many reasons why you are here and any one of our browillusion treatments can be the beginning of the end. The eyebrows frame the face and provide definition for other facial features giving you a more youthful appearance. Whether your eyebrows are sparse or barely visible or you simply want more definition.  A certified dermillusionist can help restore and enhance your eyebrows with the application of anyone of our highly acclaimed browillusion treatments offered in your choice of semi or permanent application.


We understand that everyone is unique and we specialize in creating custom treatments that suit your skin tone, facial bone structure and compliment all your other natural features. If you desire a look more subtle or a distinct bold look, we have mastered both.  Together, we will decide which of our innovative techniques in permanent and semi permanent make up will be best suited to your individual needs. 


browillusion treatments are concluded after three–part process.  Prices are quoted with 2 sessions included 6-12 weeks apart. Refresh is the maintenance after 1- 5 years and is quoted per session.  
  1. Consultation ( optional )  2. Initial session 3. Retouch session 4. Refresh session 1- 5 years after.
  Listed below are our many Techniques!

MICRO browillusion 


 Often referred to as Microblading this technique is crisp, embroidered fine lines throughout the eyebrow that give the ability to reconstruct a bare eyebrow or awake the eye with definition around the arch of the brow.  This semi-permanent method is a must for over tweezed eyebrows and also advisable for those who have natural hair present and need adjustments to shape and detail. A low maintenance waterproof technique normally needs a refresh treatment every 1 year.  Ideal for normal to dry skin types

Elisha $500
Dermillusionist $350
Refresh under 1.5 years. $250


HYBRID browillusion 


 OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE! This technique provides a veil of soft shading or powder like look for volume and texture with our permanent cosmetic technique with the individual feathered hair - like strokes provided with dermillusion’s semi permanent make up method, known as microblading. This innovative brow treatment is created by marrying our two most popular techniques providing a longer lasting natural appearance for your brows. Ideal for all skin types. Refresh from 1-5 years.

Elisha $600
Dermillusionist $450
Refresh 1- 5 years. $300


NANO browillusion 

This cosmetic tattoo treatment is similar to MIcroblaidng in that we mimick hairs within the eyebrow. The results last longer too! Typlically 1-3 years. If you are looking for a subtle natural looking eyebrow with less maintence will last longer which is very pop longer achieve fine thin strokes within the eyebrow to mimick the fine hairs.    Normally needs a refresh every 1.5 years. Ideal for normal to dry skin types.

Elisha $600
Dermillusionist $450
Refresh 1- 5 years. $300

OMBRE browillusion  

A statement brow with depth and slight boldness is achieved with this application. It is this technique where we shade within the eyebrow. it can be subtle or more dramatic. The application can be customized to be a softer shade or a bolder application. This browillusion Powder Ombre technique can be serviced in permanent micropigmentation or the semi permanent manual method. Either way we can give your brows the wow the deserve with this option.  Normally needs refresh every 1-5 years. Ideal for all skin types.

Elisha $600
Dermillusionist $450
Refresh 1- 5 years. $300



All our services are performed in a private setting. We utilize new and sterile micro probes for each client along with our professional grade micro pigmentation machine and/or our manual micro stroke hand piece.   The probes used, penetrate into the second layer of the skin ( dermis layer ) depositing the Cosmetic pigments chosen. Our medical grade topical anesthetic with keep you comfortable but because we are implementing into the skin you may feel a sensation similar to plucking your eyebrows.  The process normally takes about up to 1.5 hours, but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements and service technique performed. Immediately after a brow your treatment you should expect the area to look 50% darker than the color you have chosen in consultation. This will start to fade after 7 - 10 days.

RETOUCH is included if done between 1-3 months after initial session for adding & defining.  
$150 for 3 - 12 months
Duration: 1.5 hours

 REFRESH is the maintenance session after 1- 5 years and is quoted per session.