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Do you do hair strokes or penciled powdered brows?
We specialize in providing the utmost natural looking treatments. Hair stroke brows which are also affiliated with hair simulation brows, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering and micro stroking cosmetics are all services we offer. If you have eyebrow hair or some or none, we can achieve a brow style you want. We will work with you to achieve your desired result. Please refer to treatment list. 

Do I have to remove all of my eyebrow hair by shaving or waxing?
No.  Please do not shave or tweeze your eyebrows prior to coming in if possible.  We work with the eyebrow that you have whether you have plenty or very little hair or none at all. Waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to your treatment date. 

Do I bring in my eyebrow make up with me to my appointment?
Yes. If you are currently using any traditional makeup on your eyebrows it is useful to see which brow shades and shape you are using.

Can I have Botox or electrolysis the same day I have my eyebrow treatment?
It is recommended to have these treatments done at least 4 weeks prior or 4  weeks after your eyebrow treatment. Although Botox injections for the forehead are not directly injected in the eyebrow we choose to be cautionary and wait until area is healed to safeguard from any chance of infection.