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Lipillusion treatments

Can I have lip wax, bleaching or tweeze my upper lip before lip treatment?
    It is highly recommended to undergo any hair removal or hair lighting services  at least two weeks prior to your permanent lip service with us. Tweezing can take place but if you can not tweeze your upper lip 48 hours prior this is advised.
      Will permanent lip tattoo cause cold sores?
        Permanent cosmetics do not cause cold sores(herpes complex). If you do carry the virus, it will always lay dormant in the body and can be aroused by the lip treatments. Contact your doctor to obtain the proper prescription medication to prevent outbreaks if you have a history of cold sores.  Please take your prescription a minimum of one week prior and after the treatment.

        Should I bring my current ideal lip shade?
          Of course. If you have an idea of color or shade you are looking to achieve for your lips, bringing in your favorite lipstick color or neutral shade in with you. a custom blend can be created taking into consideration your undertones of the lip.
            Can I have this treatment if I am undergoing lip augmentation/ lip fillers?
              Yes. Please let us know when you are getting such treatments done and we will treat you 3 weeks post and 3 weeks prior to allow sufficient healing time for both.