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 Flattering effects for the windows to the soul


Lash line Enhancement

(Invisible eyeliner)

Our team is known for enhancing our best features and a favorite among clients is the Lash line Enhancement. This technique is extremely refreshing for the eyes. It is visually discreet and subtle. We artistically mimic the hair follicle with in the lash line adding an appearance of fuller looking lashes while framing the eye with out the obvious look of an eyeliner.  A must for those with gaps within lashes and a great way to wean into any eyeliner service. A simple way to make your eyes stand out!  

Refresh  - 1 - 3 years


Most of us love the way our eyes look with eyeliner on . A soft liner, a Smokey smudge look, a vivid thicker eyeliner or a fill in between lashes, any of these styles is a beautiful way to accentuate your eyes. Our treatments compliment your eye color, and can create a more awake rested eye.  Different styles and shades around the eye can be opted for with our expert artist's.  

If you are applying eyeliner each day, have sensitivities around the eye keeping you from applying traditional make up or just want your eyes to stand out more then this service will make all the difference. 

Eyeliner style Options:

Thin, Medium, Thick, Designer eyeliner, Ombre eyeliner, Smokey eyeliner & eyeshadow.


All  treatments are concluded after two–part process.  Prices are quoted with 2 sessions included 6 to 12 weeks apart.  
REFRESH is the maintenance for eyeliner lasting from 1- 5 years and is quoted per session.